Organic Cleaning Compounds
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Organic Cleaning Compounds Products
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    Upholstery Cleaners
  • Fox Green

    Fox Green is the definition of Green. We started with an APEO & phosphate free organic surfactant. Surfactant is what is know to most people as a detergent (soap). It is the driving force of any cleaner. It is what separates dirt from the fiber so cleaning can begin. Then we added organic citrus rind extract. This helps break the oily bond from the fabric. Finally, we added O2, also know as Oxygen. O2 is like the Oxygen that we breath. Experienced carpet cleaners know that when Oxygen is added to an organic stain, it removes the stain. For example, stains from coffee, urine and wine will simply just disappear. It also works on obligate anaerobes (microorganisms that live and grow in the absence of molecular oxygen) - some of these are killed by oxygen.

  • Fox Guard

    Fox Guard is environmentally friendly. It does not contain any harmful chemicals like Perfluorooctanoic Acid (PFOA or C8). It is ready to use and can be used on any porous surface. Not intended for non porous surfaces like ceramic or porcelain.

  • Fox Rinse

    Fox Rinse is a concentrated acid based liquid rinse that dissolves soap and detergent residues left behind by alkaline emulsifiers and pre-sprays. lt acts as a softener and will help prevent browning. Also removes urine salts, residues and odors from contaminated areas. Through modern chemistry that was not previously available, Fox Rinse not only rinses clean but any residue left behind (even from other detergents and dirt that are left behind after cleaning), turns into microscopic crystals that can easily be vacuumed during regular maintenance. Unlike other rinses, Fox Rinse has detergents that help the cleaner clean faster, saving valuable time. Carpets are left with substantially less residue than using water alone. Ideal for cleaning furniture, and rugs, and rinsing carpet free of residue. H 4.5. Directions Check for colorfastness and any adverse reaction before beginning your cleaning. Truck-mounts use 13 to 26 oz per 5 gallon stock. Portables use 2 oz per 5 gallon...

  • LopH Powder

    Low pH Reducing Powder A mild, ENVIRONMENTALLY SAFE, reducing-type bleach and brightener. This is a powder with NO FILLERS

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