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Organic Cleaning Compounds Products
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  • BAAD Fox

    Light Odors (surface) Description: BAAD Fox is an exciting new product that is composed of specially bred enzyme/bacterial cultures that actually attack and break down the uric acid molecules. lt does its job by digesting the source, just the way Nature does it. Works fast, in minutes rather than days or weeks, with zero environmental impact.

  • Blast-It Tile & Grout Cleaner

    Description: Blast It is made to be used on grout lines to remove blotchiness and to clean natural or man-made tiles. Blast It is a blend of surfactants with colorsafe oxygen bleach. By getting absorbed in the grout and natural stones, it produces oxygen to remove the filthiest stains. Directions: Pretest for colorfastness and stability before using. Add 2 oz (4 scoops) in a sprayer or 24 oz in hydroforce (1:9). Let it dwell for 15 minutes, keeping it wet. The real magic starts then. While waiting,scrub grout lines and edges. For best results use a spinner type tool to rinse and extract. If blotchiness persists, redo the steps above and use a one jet tool like the Raptor or Gekko to concentrate the pressure on the grout lines. Repeat if necessary. Best operating pressure is between 400 to 800 psi for natural stones with cementious or epoxy grout. 800 to 1400 psi for man made ceramic or porcelain or quarry tile. As a booster for carpets, add 1.5 oz for every gallon..

  • Filthy Heavy Duty High pH Prespray

    Description: For "Filthy" carpets and all other surfaces that need heavy-duty cleaning (ex. floors like ceramic, porcelain, Italian quarry, concrete, ceramic, terrazzo, vinyl, rubber, magnisite and asphalt tile). Do not use on glass. Nothing works better on caked on restaurant grease than "Filthy". Even with a high pH of 13+ "Filthy" contains no naphthas, carbon tetrachloride, benzene or chlorinated solvents. Directions: As a pre-spray for carpets, floors, decks, and siding use 4 to 8 oz in "pump-up" or electric sprayer. In a regular Hydroforce use 32 to 64 oz and the rest water. Adjustable Hydroforce meter at 1:16 to 1:32. For dealing with carpets and floors that are "beyond trashed," keep increasing the dilution until the desired concentration is achieved. For the heaviest build-up: spray and then agitate with a stiff brush before rinsing.

  • Fox Fuel Super Concentrate Detergent

    What happens after your prespray is picked up after you clean an area? Juice up your detergent with Fox Fuel and speed up your cleaning. The primary driver for the Fox Fuel is its food based surfactant (detergent) that is 12 times stronger than its competitors. Fox Fuel is very similar in chemistry to the Launching Fuel-in that it contains citrus and oxygen along with the surfactant. It does not contain any enzymes, as enzymes would be a waste as they need time to work. Lets talk about why the other ingredients that go into making the fuel are important. First, since it's primary use is as a detergent, it contains more encapsulates. The reason for this is that if there is any detergent or residue left behind, it would be encapsulated. Even though this is at a microscopic level, the carpet stays cleaner longer. The level of citrus is limited so the citrus residue if any is also encapsulated during the drying process. Makes an incredible 25 containers of 5 gallon stock solutions.

  • Pre Fuel Powdered Pre-spray Concentrate

    The Pre Fuel is made to be the "fuel" you need to pre-treat the carpet before you fire up the machine. It is the "workhorse" of your cleaning. But, what makes it different? Made from technology not available before, the driving force of this product is a food based surfactant (detergent) that is twelve times more powerful than previous surfactants. So, it does more work while taking up less space. Furthermore, Pre Fuel is fortified with Citrus to remove oil based stains. The Citrus we add to our launching fuel is 100% organic and is food grade and purchased directly from farmers. We've added oxygen to the Pre-Fuel to remove those organic stains like coffee, urine and wine with your pre-spray alone. While we were at it, we decided to boost the cleaning performance by adding naturally grown enzymes that remove and digest your protein based stains. ...

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