Organic Cleaning Compounds
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Truck- Mounts 
Fox Truck- Mounts are the best Cleaning Machines. East to use and easy to maintain. What are you waiting for? Call us NOW to give you a FREE estimate!!
Model 5000

Frame Footprint: Width: 30" (2" Mounting Tabs)          Gauges: Voltmeter
                            Height: 30" (Clearance 36")                            Vacuum
                            Length: 48" (Clearance 55")                           Hour/ Tach Combo
Weight: 465Lbs                                                                          Temperature
Engine: Kohler 26HP                                                                  High Pressure
Battery: 48 Month                                                          Heat: Propietary Heat Exchangers,
Vacuum: 4.5 Blower                                                          Main Blower Exhaust
Inches of Life:15 H.G.                                                    Hoses: Optional
CFM: Free Flow 400                                                      Hose Reel: Optional
Silencing: Low Blower Noise                                         Wand: Optional
Waste Disposal: Automatic Dump                                 Installation: Approx. 3hours
Recovery: Stainless Steel Tank with Nylon Filter
Pressure Pump: General Pump 1500psi @4.2 G.P.M 
Model 9500 
Frame Footprint: Width: 32.52" (2" Mounting Tabs)           Gauges: Voltmeter
                           Height: 30" (Clearance 36")                                    Vacuum
                           Length: 54.5" (Clearance 65")                                Hourmeter
Weight: 1080Lbs                                                                               Temperature
Engine: GM Vortec 50HP                                                                  High Pressure
Battery: 48 Month                                                                              Low Pressure              
Vacuum: 5.9 Roots Tri-Lobe Blower                                                 Oil Pressure 
Inches of Life:15 H.G.                                                                        Tachometer
CFM: Free Flow 850                                                             Hoses:  300ft 1/4" High Pressure
Silencing: Low Blower Noise                                                                Solution- Test 2500psi
Waste Disposal: Automatic Dump                                                      300ft 2" Vacuum
Recovery: Stainless Steel Tank with Nylon Filter                  Hose Reel: Double- 300ft
Pressure Pump: General Pump 2500psi @4.2 G.P.M          Installation: Approx. 3hours
Heat: Propietary Heat Exchangers, Main Blower Exhaust
Our Technician guys support here to help with your Truck-Mounts or any questions you may have.
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